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Paradise Holiday Bali Tours
24 Hours Information & Reservation Service

Address          : Jl. Pandu No. 16 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Email              :

Licensed         : PT SEKAR BALI TOUR

sales counter Baliparadise holiday, LICENSE No:551.21/1846/DISPARDA

Direct Call from your country or use your own mobile / telephone  :

+62 85237237618  (Save this number and you can see all social media that we use)

Line , We-chat, Whats app, Viber etc

Local number direct dial from hotel phone:  085237237618

Make sure you speak directly to us and please don”t book with peoples at the hotel because sometimes  they will not / may not call us and also they will claim commission to us . If you ask help from them please ask them to give a chance to talk to our operator, our operator can give the  true information, best service and all contents that we offer.

Please fill out the form below to place your reservation. Our associate will reply this back to you within 24 hours.

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